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How to make thread by NC machining
The use of CNC machining center processing workpiece benefits, we have a deep understanding of the operation and programming of CNC machining center, there is still a layer of mystery. Today we share the processing method of the lower thread. CNC processing: thread milling method and tap processing, pick buckle processing method of three methods:
Thread milling
CNC machining center equipment thread milling is the selection of thread milling cutter, used for the processing of large hole thread, and more difficult to process the data of thread hole processing, has the following characteristics:

1. The cutter is generally hard alloy data, fast speed, high precision of milling thread, high processing efficiency;
2. The same pitch, whether left screw thread is still right screw thread, can use a tool, reduce the cost of the tool;
3. thread milling method is especially suitable for stainless steel, copper and other difficult processing data thread processing, easy chip removal and cooling, can ensure the quality and safety of processing;
4. There is no tool front guide, it is more convenient to process the blind hole with short bottom hole of thread or the hole without the tool back groove.

Thread milling tools are divided into two types: machine-clip cemented carbide blade milling cutter and integral cemented carbide milling cutter. Machine-clip cutter can process the hole with thread depth less than the length of the blade, or the hole with thread depth greater than the length of the blade. The integral carbide milling cutter is used to process the hole whose thread depth is less than the tool length.
Thread milling NC programming attention points: in order to avoid the formation of tool damage or processing fault.
1. After the thread bottom hole is processed well, the drill bit is processed with small diameter holes, and the boring hole is processed with larger holes to ensure the accuracy of the thread bottom hole;
2. The cutter generally selects 1/2 circle arc track for cutting and cutting to ensure the shape of thread, and the tool radius compensation value should be brought in at this time.

Post time: Aug-12-2022