Hydraulic Chuck Jaw Trimmer Boring Fixture 5 6 8 10 12 Inch Heat Treatment High Speed Operation, Stable And Durable, Accurate Repeated Positioning Can Be Used To Repair The Soft Jaws On The Hydraulic Chuck

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The characteristics of jaw boring fixture for soft jaws High speed smooth operation, sturdy and durable, repeat positioning precision, clamping force.


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The use of jaw boring fixture
1, the first chuck on the lathe, Then the soft jaws are fixed in the correct position of the chuck clamping workpiece, claw middle moving T block, T-nutsmust not exceed the outer edge of the chuck.
2. There are three screws in the middle of the jaws trimmer, and then slide the three screws to the concentric position.
3. Put the two screws of the claw trimmer into the inner hole of the chuck at the same time, and then move the claw to the three screw holes, and at the same time to the soft jaws.
4. Let the chuck hold the claw trimmer (the function is to remove clearance);
5, cutting to the required size.
6. Loosen the collet and remove the claw trimmer.
7. If the operation method of these steps is correct, the modified raw claw will be highly accurate.

The use of jaw boring fixture can improve the accuracy and grip of the old chuck, so that the product can be restored as new
The excellent steel we use is high hardness and strong and wear-resistant after heat treatment.


Product Parameters

Origin Jiangsu, China
Suitable machine Precision milling machine
Material High quality steel
Treatment Vacuum heat treatment
Application CNC lathe machine, machining center, various precision machine tools
Usage Versatile soft jaws
Features High precision

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