Non – Standard Pie Jaws

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The lathe pie jaws have a fixed hole and a corresponding number 1 soft jaws or jaws.


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Product Description

1.custom non-standard soft claw, hard claw, chuck claw, claw, claw, claw, automatic claw, robot finger, can be designed, customized, OEM OEM.
2.Three products for one payment, one pay independent packaging. After the product is soaked in anti-rust oil, it is packed with PE bag and paper box. By default, we usually use laser typewriter to mark numbers like 1,2,3 for convenience. We can also mark them according to the requirements of the customer's drawings. If it is not necessary to lettering, it needs to be explained in advance.
3, the product can also be divided into two one pay, four one pay, six one pay and so on according to the customer chuck model.

Non - standard pie jaws

Most manual three jaw, look from the tailstock, brand clockwise the first hole is 1, the corresponding number one claw, if there is no brand, it is best to find a stick of test, the test three times, after beating by playing table to find the smallest hole then use file to make a mark, if three jaw using a long time old chuck, so basically find Ann once again. Always use a lathe, frequent maintenance, chuck accuracy will last a long time.


Product Parameters

Origin Jiangsu, China
Suitable machine Precision milling machine
Material High quality steel
Treatment Vacuum heat treatment
Application CNC lathe machine, machining center, various precision machine tools
Usage Versatile
Features High precision

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2. We will carefully check before shipment, and choose strong packaging and transportation mode suitable for your company to ensure that there will be no damage during transportation.
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Non - standard pie jaws2

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